Call for Abstracts

Presentation submissions will close at 5:00 pm (WAEST) on Friday 20 July, 2018


The Organising Committee is seeking presentations from interested communities, organisations and individuals based on the following themes:

  • Love and Hope
  • Resilience
  • Community Based Solutions
  • The Impacts and Importance of Social Determinants
  • Cyber Bullying and Effective Intervention Strategies
  • The Importance of Community Partnerships
  • Clinical Factors and Suicide Prevention
  • Sharing the Knowledge
  • The Role of Cultural Practices
  • Evaluation and Measurement: The Importance of Data Sovereignty
  • Incarceration and Suicide
  • Stolen Generations
  • Youth Inclusions
  • LGBTIQ Inclusions
  • The Role and Need for Lived Experience Experts
  • Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Selection Criteria

Presentations will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Preference will be given to presentations that are:
      • Presented or co-presented by Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous
        people and community members.
      • From Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous organisations
      • Evidence or outcome based (what is working).
      • Presenting something new (e.g. New research, new practices, progressive ideas, new
        application of culture).
      • In collaboration with other agencies or Youth, LGBTIQ, Elders and Lived
  2. The presentation must fit within one of the above conference themes.
  3. Programs and services that are making a difference in the field
  4. Lived experience of people who are delivering programs and services in the
  5. Child Abuse
  6. Alcohol and other drugs
  7. Justice Reinvestment Principles
  8. The role and effects of Racism
  9. Lateral violence
  10. Gayaa Dhuwi (Proud Spirit) Declaration and other Promising Policy

Presentation Types

There are four presentation formats. While authors are able to select their preferred method of presentation, the final format is at the discretion of the Committee. Depending on the need of the conference program, presentations may be deemed more suitable for a different presentation format than the author originally requested. Sessions will be programmed concurrently, in a variety of presentation formats including:

      1. Short formal paper presentations (20 minutes maximum with 10 minute question and answer time). These will be grouped with related topics in a chaired session, with 2-3 papers per 90-minute timeslot.
        Note that presenters of short papers may alternatively be selected to be presented as part of a facilitated discussion circle or panel session.
      2. Interactive sessions (up to 90 minutes). These sessions may include workshops, discussion circles, stories or case studies. They are more informal sessions and should include a participatory activity and interactive facilitation style. Presentations may be of varying lengths from 10 minutes (for example part of a panel) to 90 minutes. Shorter sessions may be grouped with related topics in a chaired session of 90 minutes. A short formal paper may be included but is not required.

Expressions of interest from facilitators, topics for discussion and yarning circles are also sought for those that are interested.

      1. Multimedia – We are interested in submissions of digital stories and short movies. A selection of these will be screened as part of the conference.
      2. Other – Any other cultural or craft presentations that may be practical or hands-on.

Abstract Format and Layout Guidelines

      • Abstracts are encouraged to be submitted using the abstract template here
      • Abstracts should be a summary of the presentation of no more than 250 words (not including title and authors)
      • Abstracts should be single spaced with a clear line between paragraphs
      • Abstracts should be free of typographical and grammatical errors

Submission Process and Important Details

Before you begin your online submission

The conference programs will be made available to delegates on the conference app, suitable for smartphone or tablet. The data submitted as part of your application will be directly transferred to the app. It is essential that all information is entered using correct spelling and punctuation, ready for publication. Submissions which are not suitable for including in the app because of typographical errors, incomplete sentences will not be accepted.

Abstracts should be submitted through the online submission process.  If you are unable to complete the abstract submission electronically, please contact the Conference Managers Encanta on (08) 9389 1488 to discuss other options.

      1. Please submit your abstract by 20 July 2018
      2. All submissions will be considered by the conference organisers and assessed according to the selection criteria.
      3. We may negotiate with you to adapt the original format of your presentation.
      4. Presenters are required to meet their own costs for registration and travel. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisers may be eligible for support through the Conference Bursaries program.
      5. Receipt of submission will be acknowledged by email.

Presenting at Conference

Speakers are discussing a sensitive topic that may impact on them personally, and might have personal implications for members of the audience. Whether or not presenters have a lived experience of suicide, it is essential that they have diverse forms of self-care activities consistently implemented during the Conference. To this end a Safety Plan with counsellors, healing activities and retreat spaces will be available. All delegates, including presenters, can use these resources to take a break from the Conference and can access the counsellors on-site during the Conference.

General requirements

By submitting a presentation idea you agree to the following:

      • My presentation(s) will abide by the safe language guidelines.
      • My presentation(s) must avoid mentioning a method that an individual used in an attempt or the method that a person used to end their life, and will only refer to a method(s) if it is necessary for the outcomes of the work being presented.
      • The acceptance of a presentation does not imply provision of travel, accommodation or registration to either Conference.
      • Costs associated with preparation or presentation, or any costs associated with attendance at the Conferences are the responsibility of the presenter(s). If a presentation is selected, the presenter(s) will be required to register as a delegate for the full conference at discounted rate (equivalent to the early bird rate, ie before 14 September 2018.
      • Successful presentations must be presented by the submitted presenter(s).
      • The person submitting the presentation idea confirms that the submission has been approved by all authors/presenters.
      • Acceptance or otherwise is at the discretion of the Committee whose decision is final.

Submitting your Abstract

Once you have submitted your abstract online, you will receive an auto-generated email containing your personal access key. This access key can be used to enter the ‘Speaker Zone’ where you can view or make changes to your submitted presentation idea until the presentation idea close date.

If you are unable to submit your presentation via the portal, please contact Encanta on 08 9389 1488 or for assistance.