Conference Care and Safety Plan: Creating a Trauma Informed Space

Creating a trauma informed space for the safety of both participants and presenters requires a significant risk management plan to ensure that difficult topics can be discussed safely.

We believe that it is important to raise and discuss complex issues. However, given the levels of trauma and lived experience in our communities, particularly with direct loss and grief through multiple tragedies, we offer these points as key ways we believe this can be done safely:

  • Strength based approaches: Firstly, the speakers at both conferences need to be informed that the safety of attendees is a priority for the conference organisers. Whilst a broad range of topics are encouraged, they should have positive and hope filled messages.
  • A safety plan will be developed, that will be trauma informed and culturally safe that will take into account both spiritual and environmental safety for participants and presenters.


Out of respect for all cultural groups presenting at the conferences, if you are going to display an image/photo in your presentation, please let people know at the beginning of your presentation. This is extremely important to avoid any cultural trauma and or shock to participants.