Alexandra King, MD, FRCPC

Alexandra King, MD, FRCPC, Nipissing First Nation (Ontario). As the inaugural Cameco Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellness, she combines her expertise in Indigenous health and wellness research, along with her training as an Internal Medicine Specialist, to approach complex issues using both Two- eyed Seeing and Ethical Space. This provides an innovative springboard from which a complementary exploration of underlying health determinants, intersectionality and end-manifestations can be undertaken. Her work promotes reconciliation, healing, wellness, wholistic care and self-determination, at the individual, family, community and nation levels.

She is a Principal Investigator on several CIHR and other grants related to Indigenous people and wellness in the context of drug use, HIV, HCV and co-infections. Other research interests include Indigenous wellness, land-based and culture-based healing, Indigenous research ethics, rural/remote health services, peer navigation/support, and various end-manifestations of the trauma of colonization (e.g., suicide prevention, AMR governance, TB, heart failure).

In addition to a passion for Indigenous health and wellness research, Dr. King consults clinically is HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV/HCV co-infections. She has co-created shared models of care and focuses on improving healthcare access and utilization for those under-served by the system (e.g., rural/remote communities, inner cities, Indigenous women).

She is also highly invested in teaching and mentorship. She does both, formally and informally, creating safe learning environments for multi-directional capacity strengthening. This includes curriculum development, course design and delivery, and learner supervision (both student and community).

She serves on many local and national initiatives, including the Heart & Stroke Heart Failure Council, CanHepC, CTN Health for People Who Use Drugs Working Group (co-lead), and CIHR-CHARAC.