Tjalaminu Mia

Tjalaminu Mia is a Menang, Goreng, Wadjari woman; Noongar Nation, Great Southern Region Western Australia.

Tjalaminu has worked for near on forty-five years across a wide range of areas; in government, education, corrective services, culture and the arts, academia and community grassroots where her focus is on the human rights of her collective peoples.

She is also a co-author of several major publications: Speaking from the Heart and Heartsick for Country and has contributed to the Waarda Children’s Early Reader Series as co-author with her granddaughter - Bush Secrets and Summer Holidays and was also awarded WA NAIDOC Community Person of the Year 2012.

Tjalaminu, a Stolen Generations herself - a Sister Kate’s Home Kid, currently holds the position of CEO with the Sister Kate’s Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation where they provide a series of cultural healing, empowerment and leadership programs for their members, other Stolen Generations groups and the wider Indigenous community.

The SKHKAC are presently working on building a Place of Healing on their bush block that encompasses a concept plan that is all accessible, and a sustainable Indigenous enterprise that focuses on collective healing that addresses the cultural, social, and emotional wellbeing of their members and the wider community.