The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention and World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference Committee invite and welcome you to Perth for the second National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference, and the second World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference.

Our Indigenous communities, both nationally and internationally, share common histories and are confronted with similar issues stemming from colonisation. Strengthening our communities so that we can address high rates of suicide is one of these shared issues. The Conferences will provide more opportunities to network and collaborate between Indigenous people and communities, policy makers, and researchers. The Conferences are unique opportunities to share what we have learned and to collaborate on solutions that work in suicide prevention.

This also enables us to highlight our shared priorities with political leaders in our respective countries and communities.

We invite you to join us for these significant Conferences to listen, learn and further empower our Indigenous communities to reduce suicide and its impact on Indigenous people.

Professor Dawn Bessarab
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Mr Glenn Pearson
Telethon KIDS Institute

Moortang Yoowarl Dandjoo Yaanginy
Families (Cultures) Coming Together for a Common Purpose (Sharing) Shifting Sands

About the Artwork.
This artwork represents our people doing business on country that is recovering from colonisation; our lands taken over, our cultures decimated, and our families separated, causing hardship, despair, and loss of hope.
Artwork Copyright: Roma Winmar 2018

About the second National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference, Perth 2018

About the second World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference, Perth 2018

Aims of the Conferences

Key Elements of the Conferences

Call for Abstracts

Presentation submissions will close at 5:00 pm (WAEST) on Friday 20 July, 2018

The Organising Committee is seeking presentations from interested communities, organisations and individuals based on the following themes:

  • Love and Hope
  • Resilience
  • Community Based Solutions
  • The Impacts and Importance of Social Determinants
  • Cyber Bullying and Effective Intervention Strategies
  • The Importance of Community Partnerships
  • Clinical Factors and Suicide Prevention
  • Sharing the Knowledge
  • The Role of Cultural Practices
  • Evaluation and Measurement: The Importance of Data Sovereignty
  • Incarceration and Suicide
  • Stolen Generations
  • Youth Inclusions
  • LGBTIQ Inclusions
  • The Role and Need for Lived Experience Experts
  • Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Leading presenters from across Australia and the World


Delegates have the opportunity to register for either the 2nd National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference or the 2018 World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference.  Alternatively join us for both conferences and receive a discounted 4 day registration fee.


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